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Larger Capacity Wagons

We offer 3 wagons to be used in events when moving larger groups is necessary:


 -The brown wagon seats approximately 10 passengers, lighted steps and lights in the floor area.  The brown wagon features natural walnut stained wood sides with black metal accents.  It has regular air filled tires which allows for off road use.  

-New 12 Passenger Wagonette with white metal framework and natural wood panels.


-The new 8 passenger wagonette, features burgundy sides with black metal framework with black carriage wheels.


- Purple Wagon with silver accents, approx. 10 passenger unit.  This wagon has regular wooden carriage wheels and will require a road base as it cuts into sod.  Primarily used as a parade unit only due to its height.



Horses for Parade, Pittsburgh Parade Horses, Parade Horses

Pittsburgh St Patricks Day Parade

Horse Drawn Wagon for Weddings
Horse Drawn Wagon

12 Passenger Wagonette

wagon rides, horse drawn wagon

Horse Drawn Parade Wagon

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