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Horse Drawn Funer​al Hearses and Carriages​

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Funerals are the greatest honor that we are asked to do.  The horse drawn carriage can transport caskets or cremations from the funeral home to the church or a ride through the local area they have lived. After services the casket can be transported to a cemetery or grave site a final resting grounds. A horse drawn funeral is unique way to honor family members, policeman, public figures, celebrities, and Military personal. Horse drawn hearses were first introduced during the 17th century and still used regularly today.  Horse drawn funerals are customary at Arlington National Cemetery.  


Our black hearse is brand new featuring gold curtains, a wood floor with rollers.  The carriage is offered with either our black or grey/white team of horses.  


Our white hearses are very elegant featuring white curtains, hardwood floor, chrome rails with large bay windows and casket rollers.   These carriages are also available with either our white/grey  or black horses.

We are happy to decorate the horses in specific colors.  We will travel to most locations distances greater than 1 hour from our farm will be charged mileage.  Our services are specialized for each and every service.  

The hearses are also available for parades with custom lettering to promote your business or a draped casket in memorial of the veterans who are no longer with us.

For a larger effect and additional elegance we are also able to offer any of our wedding carriages to follow the hearse and transport the family depending on availability.

While we do not offer doves, we are happy to refer our friends in the industry!  For Services with 100 miles of Franklin, PA please contact PA Doves of Loves this includes Youngstown Ohio.  For services in Pittsburgh and south of there, we would recommend Dovecote.

The video below showcases some our best work in conjunction with the Gray family memorial service for their beloved mother.  Credits to White's Memorial Chapel. 

The video below was taken during a celebration of life in conjunction with O'Dell Robinson Funeral Home.

Band was provided by:

Hill Jordan/ Band Leader/ Trombonist


Funeral Drapes: to match your color choice

pink funeral
red funeral
Gold Funeral
Carriage with Lettering, horses at funerals, cleveland memorial gardens

Name of Deceased Placed on Carriage

modern white horse hearse, modern horse carriage
Harrisburg Funeral, Harrisburg Funeral Carriage, Harrisburg Carriage
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Funeral Carriage and Hearse Homewood Cemetary
youngstown funeral
Homewood Cemetery, Funeral Carriage, Funeral Buggy
Funeral Carriage (Hearse) Pittsburgh, PA
Cleveland Funeral Carriage, Cleveland Horse drawn hearse, Cleveland Carriage, Cleveland Carriage Ride
Carriage and Hearse for Funeral
Black Funeral Carriage, Black Carriage horses
green funeral
black funeral
Purple Funeral
silver (2).jpg
blue funeral
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