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Horse Drawn Funeral Carriages/Hearses are available for hire in all of Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and Western New York.  We offer both white horse drawn hearses and black horse drawn hearses.  Our horses can be used to transport from the service to the gravesite, a ride through the neighborhood or we offer carriages at the graveyard.  Our horse drawn funeral carriages come with decorations in any color and the name of your loved one on the carriage windows.  To learn more click HERE.  To book your loved one a carriage ride call 724-421-9212.

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A horse and carriage for a wedding adds a touch of awe and completes a fairytale.  Misty Lane Farms offers the largest selection of wedding carriages in the area.  Our wedding carriages come with 2 White or Black Horses and decorations in any color.  To view all of our carriages click HERE.  To book a wedding carriage ride call 724-421-9212 or complete the form below.

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Cinderella carriages are magically, be whisked away like a true princess for your wedding, prom or party.  We offer 2 Cinderella Carriages, one with white seats and one with red seats.  Our princess carriages complete the prom, wedding or party fairytale.  To learn more about our Cinderella Princess Carriages click HERE.  To book a Cinderella Carriage call 724-421-9212 or fill out the form below.

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Horse Drawn Wagons and People Movers

Horse drawn wagon rides are great for large groups.  Horse drawn wagons are also referred to as Horse drawn people movers, hay rides or trolleys.  The horse and wagon can be used for weddings, festivals, parades and parties.  To learn more about our wagons click HERE.  To book a wagon ride for your upcoming event call 724-421-9212 or complete the form below.

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Misty Lane Farms offers the best behaved baraat mares around.  Our white mare's are specially trained to behave during the baraat processional, they are acclimated to the DJ, dancing, drums and festive atmosphere.  We offer 4 different outfits for the horse and dress ourselves according to your culture.  To learn more about our horses click HERE.  To book one of our beautiful mares complete the contact form or call 724-421-9212.

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All of our horses and carriages are available to be hired for parades.  We are often used to transport royalty, special groups, Santa Clause and grand marshals.  In addition to the carriages our hearses are also available, we can advertise your funeral home or carry a draped casket to honor fallen veterans.  For more information about our horses for parades click HERE.

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Carriage rides are family friendly and for events year around.  Our standard contract includes 4 hours of rides with 2 horses and a carriage or wagon.  We include decorations to match your event.  Our carriage rides are popular at all events.  Click HERE for more information about our Christmas Santa Sleigh.  We do occasionally offer public carriage events that you can reserve rides at, click HERE to view upcoming locations.

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Misty Lane Performance Horses is a family owned and operated horse carriage business in Western PA.  We offer several different carriages and wagons to choose from.  We also have both  black and white horse drawn hearses  and are proud to offer funeral carriage with horses. We offer wagons that seat 10 people. Beyond the carriages, we have expanded to offer a ridden baraat horse too!  All of our carriages are pulled by Grey(mostly white) and Black Percheron's. We are fully insured and professional members of the Carriage Operators of North America.

We provide wedding, community and funeral carriage services in throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and western New York.  Including service for Pittsburgh, Erie, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Youngstown, Akron, Cleveland, Buffalo,  and all surrounding areas.  Our rates are based on the distance we are traveling to your event, contact us for a quote today.

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Mindy Stoops along with her husband Mike are the backbone of the operation serving as the primary carriage drivers.  Followed closely by Mindy's parents Frank and Pamela Stoops who can be seen organizing behind the scenes.  Behind the camera is our son Frank he is involved in every aspect of the business, working hard to develop his photography skills and prepare to begin operating carriages when he is of age!  

White Horse Hearse, carriage owner
Mindy Stoops

Meet the Family behind the Business

Misty Lane Farms Performance Horses

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